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Well permit shows TVD of 15840' with MD of 15924'.  Apparently not drilling a horizontal well - or will they just go back and amend well permit if they want to proceed with horizontal well?

The 7 5/8" intermediate casing just reported as run and cemented would allow for an additional final 5 1/2" casing string in a lateral should Petroquest choose to amend their permit.  The rig drilling this well is Nabors X03.  Here is some detail and rig specs.

PACE®-X800 Rig

PACE®-X800 Rig

The PACE®-X800 rig is a cutting edge rig design optimized for drilling multiple wells on a single pad. It can move in any direction along the X and Y axis, and is capable of moving over existing wellheads without third-party services or interfering with parallel operations on adjacent wells.   

The PACE®-X800 rig was specifically engineered for well manufacturing in the U.S. shale plays, by reducing high-risk activity associated with skidding operations. With unmatched batch drilling capabilities, the PACE®-X800 rig is configured to meet an operator’s current and future drilling needs. It provides the necessary horsepower, pressure and torque to be delivered to the bit, allowing operators to maximize lateral length on directional and horizontal wells. 

The PACE®-X800 rig has an average walk/skid time of only 2.3 hours from well to well. Its modular design limits the components needed to be rigged up and rigged down to streamline move times over short distances.

Best Batch Drilling Rig in the Market

Featuring Nabors Rigtelligent modular control system that allows for advanced automation and control both at the surface and downhole, the PACE®-X800 rig enables:

Faster Drilling

  • Autodriller DrillSmart® system allows more efficient drilling than any other autodriller due to advanced algorithms embedded into top drive code
  • ROCKit® software oscillates the drill string to dramatically reduce friction
  • Fluid ends for 7,500 psi mud system are optional, enabling higher torque in long laterals

Reduced Flat Time

  • Large rig floor with below-deck storage enables an efficient and safe rig floor that readily accepts storage of a casing running tool and other handling tools
  • AC Commander Drawworks® with two 1,500HP motors allow faster block speed
  • Set-back capacity of over 25,000 feet-of-inch drill pipe, eliminates lay down of drill pipe

Reduced Move/Skid Time

Competitor rigs typically cannot skid more than 100 feet away from mud tanks without losing sufficient pressure in flow lines. PACE®-X800 rigs feature:

  • Omni-directional walking system allows a rig to skid 100 feet by 25 feet in both the X and Y direction, with the option to extend the distance in 100-foot increments to increase wells per pad
  • Shakers ride on rig, eliminating time and HSE exposure of handling flowline
  • Choke manifold mounted on the rig floor moves with the rig when skidding
  • BOP trolley system streamlines batch drilling and reduces flat time when testing and handling the BOP and when skidding
  • Fewer plugs and cables due to split VFD design and distributed power systems reduce rig-up/rig-down time

Some expensive daily operating costs with this rig on location!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You don't bring in a rig like this to drill a 13,000' vertical hole.  A rig suited for that could take twice as long and still cost half as much.

My thought is you also don’t bring in a rig like that without planning on using it for a while on several wells.

Highly likely.

I will present a different opinion - operator is not going to commit to multiple wells until they have some solid proof (i.e. production / testing / etc.) to justify more drilling.

Bringing in a big rig like this for a single job is not out of the ordinary and is actually good business (big rig with enough power to get the job done correctly)

Don't expect "pad" drilling multiple wells.  I doubt any skidding is on the menu.  I do expect that more than one well would be drilled across Petroquest's land position.


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