BlackBrush O&G LP applies to form a 1440 acre Austin Chalk drilling unit in 1N - 2E.

Cut-and-paste the following URL into your search box to view the application including play.

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A little birdy told me the well began flowing back yesterday.

So, will we be happy or sad?

Just know it started flowing back.  That is all I know.


Not doubting your contacts, but they have been trucking out fluid (oil or water) for a few weeks based on observations from the field.

Time will tell

Not sure why they call this Masters Creek, but here it is.  Southwind is Marathon.


Looks to be set up for 7500' max laterals (or 6900' with 300' unit line standoffs on either end of theoretical lateral

Blackbrush has withdrawn it's application for AC units  RA SUB - SUJ in the North Cheneyville Field, Rapides and Avoyelles parishes.

Sorry to hear that Blackbrush withdrew their application for those units in the north Cheneyville Field. 

I guess they did not like the results of their Giant re entry.  That was the rumor a few weeks ago.


Any results on BlackBrush well? 



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