An EOG Pointe Coupee drilling permit has been filed. The well will be located: Sec 29 – Twn 04S – Range 09E.

This looks like a deep downdip test of the Austin Chalk.

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I bet that will be an interesting and drawn out permitting process if this were to be proposed.

In the works South Lacour Field

John is the spud site for the well that has the hearing on the 23 outside the levee? I know the target is inside.

The complete unit is inside the floodway levees.

Pretty sure there are already active wells inside the Spillway but are all south of the forebay.   I would think drilling inside the forebay will need quite a structure that would top say 50 feet above sea level.  That is like a three story building.  While raised structures are not unusual (many of which are out in the Gulf of Mexico) it would have to be a real winner of a well for someone to risk it.  A lateral makes more sense.

Well John answered the question of will they do it now we will see how. While applying for a unit does not guarantee a well ( Anadarko had a planned unit inside the levees) I can’t help but think they are really interested in what they might find there. 

Per SONRIS they have reached drill depth.  Report says they are cementing casement all the way down.  It is a 7 5/8 casement.  Regarding Brunswick, they have approval to do perforation and frack at 13,350 to 13,370 with 200,000 pounds of sand.  No report yet on SONRIS, but expect to see one in a day or two.  I would expect the rig to be removed for a frack job.  I think they have found what they were looking for.  I note the LaCour well is a couple of thousand feet deeper than the Brunswick well.  So far they have drilled deeper than the Fontaine Farms, Inc well which was completed as a gas well which is producing both gas and natural gas liquids.  

Both Fontaine and Brunswick have gone down to the same depth. Different frac zones

Attached is PDF from DrillingInfo showing relative locations of the EOG Brunswick (20631), PetroQuest well (20632) and Pennington Fontaine (20630) wells.

PQ well is 9+ miles from the EOG well / EOG much deeper due to southern location of the two.

The Fontaine well was drilled from the LaCour (20533) pad (18,000' Tuscaloosa Sand producer) and directionally drilled to the west to a TD of 13,895'. Apparently the primary target failed and they moved uphole to complete in a thin Wilcox zone (12,154-166).

The LaCour / Fontaine wells are on strike (i.e. 2 miles due west) of the EOG well and should have similar structural situation for the formations to be tested. 


Okay guys, got Google Earth?  If not, get it.  It's free.  In the Sonris well file write down the latitude and longitude of the well surface location.  Don't forget the "-" on the longitude.  Then go to  This part is free also.  Input the long and lat and fly to that point on the map with Google maps.  You'll have fun playing with it.

Been on Google Earth for years.  And I used the Google Earth ruler to measure the distance from Brunswick well to Fontaine Farms well, which is right at 2 miles.  Our property line is 0.2 miles from the Brunswick well.  Close enough that maybe some of our property is in the unit.  Mr. Jobbie Beaud owns Brunswick and it abuts Angeles (Angeles was once part of Brunswick but was spilt off in 1900).  Today Angeles is farmed jointly with Brunswick by Mr. Beaud.  BTW SONRIS also has a similar feature under GRIS.  GRIS plots the well for you.

I strongly suggest that new SONRIS users learn the GIS portion of the database.  It is easier to learn.  I don't use it because I learned all the primary sources locations on the database years ago and I can access more data and documents by just knowing where to go.  Anybody that wants to work at that everyday for ten years can likely do the same....but don't bother.  GIS is an excellent short cut for the casual user.


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