The application for these units will be held 2/18.


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Sorry that they are upside down.  :-)  Right click on the images and then click Rotate Clockwise.

Good to see some positive activity in this area. Step #1 of long process!

Southwind (Marathon) drilling some tite holes.  Very interesting.  :-)

Sure is great news!   Looks like they are filling in where they did not have units already in the area around Cocodrie Lake Area just east of Forest Hill/McNary Area.   If you go look at this SONRIS GIS MAP and select Oil/Gas Wells, then Austin Chalk Units & A it will show you all the current units with their name/title.   Current map on SONRIS does not show these new units yet so you can tell these filled in around the lake area that no units where.   KEEP THEM COMING!

The proposed AC units will not appear in GIS until after they are approved at the 2/18 hearing.  It usually takes a couple of weeks for the resulting Field Order to be entered in SONRIS.  Yes, it is a positive sign however we should keep in mind that drilling units are fairly simple and inexpensive to get approved but come with no requirement to drill and are effective indefinitely until such time as they may be included in an application to dissolve existing units.  So no time limit for drilling.  Lisa, you might see if you can post a link to the GIS map once it is updated with the new units.

Okay.  Finally, thanks to you, Lisa,  I understand how to use the GIS Maps.  Thanks for listing the step by step procedure of how to be able to pull up these maps.  One of my problems, was the tutorial page was on my screen and I couldn't get past that.  I had to ex that out to use the steps that you listed.  Great info from all of you people that try to help the weak followers!!  

Your welcome!   There are several other options to click on too.   Such as Mineral Resources then Non-exclusive Seismic Permit & see the boundary for 3D survey when you filter by 2019.   Reference Layers will let you choose Populated Places, Primary Roads, Local Roads (but you have to be zoom in a bit or it want let you select it).   Boundaries will let you add Townships & Section Lines.   Just play around with it.   All these options are in the Table of Contents.  You can also click on the ICONs under each selection & this give you different options like A labels items, "i" gives you information for items you click on, & funnel gives you filter options.   Sorry for the rambling.   HOPE THIS HELPS ALL.


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