The application seeks to dissolve two existing AUS C units in Masters Creek and create SU86, a +/- 2160 acre unit.

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Surprised these operators are still continuing to chase this high-pressure, high-water flow Austin Chalk section in this area. I am sure that they are running some detailed economics as to how to handle the produced water (assuming SWD on location / inject into Wilcox?).

This play is all about how to handle the water and what the resultant economics are to drill, complete and produce these wells.

Yeah, ditto.  Southwind does have a SWD well in Section 31 and holds a permit for another in Section 3 of the township that is undrilled.

Good info.

Is all about number crunching - and O&G and NGL prices!

Well SN 251809 in this unit is putting out just has much disposition as oil and has been for the life of the well.   Is this a good or bad thing?

That SN shows no data on SONRIS. 


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