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Only site I know with that option is

Expensive subscription site

John, I have hwy Dept maps of five or six parishes that I could take pictures of. They have the sections, townships and ranges posted on them. Of course I have little notes written on them so they are not like brand new. I don’t know if you could blow it up big enough to see the sections townships and ranges though. Let me know if u are interested

Thanks David, My main interest would be only East & West Feliciana, St Helena & northern part of East Baton Rouge.

Did you see press release today from Australis about their planning to spud their first TMS well soon? Would be in SW Mississippi just north of much of JL's area of interest

While I know what you mean, but you have West Feliciana Parish written across Pointe Coupee Parish.  One needs to know that above the Mississippi River to the north is West Feliciana Parish.  Below the Mississippi River it is a part of Pointe Coupee Parish known as the "Coast of Pointe Coupee" or Brooks.  My grandmother was Post Mistress of Brooks for a number of years.  Brooks no longer exists but old St. Francis Chapel still does (my Grandparents and sister are buried there).  The land along the Coast of Pointe Coupee is not in the Town and Range system as that area predates that system (USGS).  The land is described in Arpents, an old unit of measurement and with compass bearings.  Our place, aka the plantation to us, is 18 Arpents wide and 80 Arpents more or less back from the river.  The "more or less" description accounts for the movement of the Mississippi River.  The back of the plantation ties into the Town and Range system.  And yes, should one wish to resurvey the place it could well be described in the Town and Range system.  My father, deceased, was a registered land surveyor and Civil Engineer, last surveyed the plantation in the mid 1980s and that survey is recorded with the Clerk of Court, Pointe Coupee Parish and was specifically tied into the Town and Range system.  Thus that survey is a valid legal document and is the legal description of Angeles Plantation circa 1856.

David, these are very good and will help me to visualize activity in these areas. I will be watching for the one of EBR.
Thanks again

I don’t have east Baton Rouge. Sorry

Not as much help as one might like in the Florida Parishes around the area of interest...  Much of it looks more like a patchwork quilt than a clean grid.



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