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Actually I did receive a letter from a lfirm... ! I don't know how much I can disclose.. I'm just a lay person and do not understand all of this! But I know my family member was contacted by letter , some company, Cinarex ...I think Blue Steel was in my letter... We haven't leased either but a friend leased with Blackwell which is in another unit joining me to the E. of me

There is nothing confidential about these letters.  In fact after the ten day notice period, the letter and unit plat will be entered in the state database and be available to the public.  A notice letter is an early step in a development plan and allows a company to force pool the mineral interests within the unit boundaries.  That's not just mineral owners, it includes any companies holding leases.  Don't be put off by force pooling as the company will probably wish to lease as many mineral owners as possible up to their maximum acceptable lease terms.  There will be a public hearing and when the application is approved a Field Order will be issued.  That Field Order is effective indefinitely but comes with no requirement to drill within a specific time frame.  Once we know the company name and type of units formed, I am sure there will be additional comments and speculation.

Mr. SP...Questionable as this is new to me and  do not know if we all (landowners) should pool or not or DO...just being curios, do  we have control once it's gets going and IF.. Thanks for the info

When you sign a lease, you will be held to the terms.  So you give up some control but hopefully get some benefit and protection.  If you are inexperienced, get help.

Panther Energy AC Opportunity Teaser

Attached is the three page teaser that was put out to promote this AC hz frac play acreage opportunity near the Tx / La state line. Some nice displays - note the log display that shows around 10% porosity in the Panther Energy area versus a much less porous AC interval in the EOG area in Avoyelles Parish.

Bids were due on this deal at the end of January.


Rockman would you mind sharing what the porosity of the eog avoyelles area is? I have heard it was very low but cant read the charts. Also interested in the Cromwell well area in rapides parish. Thank you for sharing your knowledge

Look at the three well logs in the west (Panther) to east (Avoyelles / EOG area) cross section. The column with "DPHI" is the density porosity column. There are four boxes in the DPHI track ranging from 0.3 (30%) to -0.1 (negative 10%).. The second line from the right (-0.1) is 0.0 or zero % porosity.

Note in the Lower Austin Chalk (which I know is the target zone that the EOG was drilled into), the line is basically on the zero % porosity line.

The middle well has the Lower AC DPHI sitting on the 0.1 (or 10% line) - this is good. The farthest west well has some Lower AC spots in the 4-5% range based on this one log.

Note that reservoir properties such as porosity can vary over short distances so one should not condemn or glorify any one area based on a single well log / porosity reading.

I am sure that any company chasing the AC play in this area has pulled as many well points as possible and accessed all available porosity logs and core data.

I don't have a log in the Cromwell area in Rapides Ph so I cannot comment on porosity in that area.

Thank you so much for your comments. I will add that to my notes so I won’t have to ask about that again. Great to have such knowledgeable people on here!

Thanks Jay

Jay, who is MBI Oil and Gas, LLC out of ND?   They have a lot of the BLM leases.   Are they a broker or actual driller/production company?

Thanks Jay!   Good to know they are a well established exploration company!   I am in a BLM authorized lease unit for which MBI is the 100% lease holder.   However my 66 acres is not leased.



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