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Occupational medicine experts have classified substances like tetraethylenepentamine as being toxic to groundwater and corrosive. ExxonMobil points out that the concentrations of such chemicals in fracking fluid are very low. "If you were to drink more than three or four glasses of fracking fluid," says Sieber, "the worst that would happen to you would be the sort of diarrhea you'd get from drinking castor oil."

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I found this interesting because this is the first time I have heard what exactly may happen to someone who does ingests frack fluid. Thoughts?

I would say that one would have very poor judgment to drink any type of chemicals

regardless how diluted.   Still, it is hard to see how fracking fluids injected in wells

down to 15,000 deep could affect water near the surface.   I'm certainly not

worried about it.


I'm just glad I'm not German...

If I said I'll buy the first round for all here, followed by Gatorade chasers, will there be any takers?

If I got to read the list of ingredients before hand.

Shall we make this a "family friendly" event, also bring the kids and grandkids?

Probably taste like chicken...

"Probably?"  Did the idea of this party die naturally, or did I miss the memo?

I think the headline should have said... French Who DrinK Frac Fluid Get the Runs.  Sorry to any French out there.  Just kidding

As Sheriff Buford T. Justice would say "The GD Germans ain't got nothing to do with this".

Now if they can figure out how to put frack fluid in spray paint and glue...maybe the kids would be reluctant sniff it...huh?

Don't think they'd want to do it if it gave them the runs...huh?

Lets say it helps with weight loss and we could sell all the frac fluid we brew!

I think in the 1960s a scientist ate DDT on television. Seems like he is still alive.


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