Pryme has requested that the trading of their stock be put on hold until Thursday, August 23rd pending the release of an announcement.

They must have found a farm-in partner.  Maybe this will get things going again.

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I looked into buying Pryme and found out it was a very expensive proposition.  First it is traded on the Australian Stock Market and second you have to pay a $150 fee to get US brokerage house to buy the stock for you.  So it is an up hill problem.  I do hope Pryme gets a partner/joint venture/whatever to keep them going.  They are a daring outfit.  Found the right play but just not how to develope it or drill yet.

Pryme can be bought on a US exchange under:



Not when I looked into it more than a year ago.



Did you get my email?

You have to know where to look to find the trade symbols on the exchanges in this country. The lady in the Scottrade office helped me find both of them.

New article on concerning pryme's funding.  i am on a different computer and can't copy it. 

Thanks Linda,

I had been watching Pryme's site all day and am surprised to see it in the online paper first. I guess you have to give it to those guys they really locked up a big chunk of cash. They now have the funding let's see if they have the knowledge to make good wells.

Good luck to Pryme and its new partners and unlock the Austin Chalk potential.

10-4-12 Update

Drilling to begin in a few weeks.

Lets get this Austin Chalk going. Best of luck Pryme!

Pryme is about to drill horizontally thru the pay dirt. Show em how it is done Pryme.


Drilling horizontaly is not the problem, it is what you do to get the oil out of the chalk formation. Anadarko is still struggling with that at LaCour #43.  Even Pryme's early wells are having trouble with long term production.  No one has figured out the way to do it yet. I hope Pryme does indeed get it right.

Intersecting gas and oil


Go ahead Pryme




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