Prime Rock Resources & New Dawn Energy Joint Venture - Masters Creek

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Thank you for such a great in depth explanation. I know that it is hard to get down to the level that most of us are on and still be able to explain things. The article was great too. Every little bit helps us understand a little bit more. Thanks for your time and patience. 

A simplified cross section that I found at

good one

Non-exclusive Seismic Permit in Sonris GIS now for SAExploration dated 2/13/19. Looks like same area mentioned in this area.

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Nice work, Lisa.  Thank you.

Thanks Skip! Staying in top of it or trying to.

Thanks Jay!   I know I am just outside the top NW corner & most of the land in my area is BLM land with BLM leases held by MBI out of ND.   Very little private land except around Forest Hill & Melder, LA.   I know the Gordon prescribe well is just outside this area and that was done by Magnum to hold/extend BLM Lease.   This NW area was drilled in mid 90" by Chesapeake and I know they had pressure issues, especially with the well in section 16 north of HWY 112.

No Jay is this the box that was shown on Amelia Resources Blog that was the planned 3D area.   If so, what about the green box shown as Marathon acreage.

The Chesapeake well that had pressure issues was SN 219410 and it was in section 34 or 35 I believe.   All this comes so close to me in T2N R3W sections 26 & 35.   At least it is nice to have them in the area and I do have 66 acres.

Me Too!   I know I am in a Active/Authorized BLM unit (LAES 057320) of 1974 acres that is currently leased until 2022.   This BLM unit was extended back in 7/2018 until 4/30/22.   My land is due west one Township to SN# 219410.   Part of my land is in 26 and part in 35.

Thanks so much Jay for quick response, appreciate you.



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