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Looks like unit can support a 5000' lateral

Where in Pointe Coupee is that field located?

Looks like it is near New Roads 

Its actually on southern end of false river in Chenal/Rougon area where Alma Plantation/Mill is located.  Image result for false river louisiana map

Profit Island starts with the "Profit Island" in the Mississippi River and extends toward the center of the "island."  Some of the old deep gas wells are in the Profit Island Field.  Basically Profit Island Field runs from the interior banks of False River through Chenal to the island in the middle of the Mississippi River.  It runs across the south end of False River.  New Roads is several miles to the North and slightly West of Profit Island Field.  There was a gas well on Profit Island (I do not think it is currently active).  Some of those old deep gas wells may be still active.



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