U.S. Cash for Ukraine GAS - Steve Hilton Monologue from last night was very enlightening

U.S. Cash for Ukraine Gas – Outrageous that at the same time the Democrats and the Green New Deal were holding up approval for the Dakota pipeline, Keystone XL pipeline and holding up approval of the exporting of Liquefied Natural Gas, important to our Haynesville Shale interests and U.S. energy Independence, these crooks were being bribed to support the domestic production of gas in Ukraine and energy independence for Ukraine, which in turn greatly enriched Buresma interests.  These two videos are about 4-5 minutes each and you really need to listen to Steve Hilton’s, on The New Revolution, opening monologue from last night.  It is very enlightening and comes in a British accent.  The proofs of these allegations are within the videos.  Please watch them both.  Stop the corruption now.  TRUMP 2020!    


Steve Hilton, Next Revolution monologue 10/13/2019 part 1



Steve Hilton, Next Revolution monologue 10/13/2019 part 2




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Quite revealing.


Ah... from Fox News. The American Propaganda Network.

Yeah, stop the corruption. Impeach and jail the trump traitor, a fraud his entire life and pitiful excuse of a human being, so we can get back on track.

instead of revealing your political views... how about punching holes in the story.  is it correct or very wrong. thanks.

When a credible news source repeats the story, it's worth considering at that time.

If you are in the oil and gas industry, a vote for a democrat is shooting yourself in the foot.  

Even though probably 98-99% of the oil industry does, I don't vote with my pocketbook. When an obvious fraud takes over my country, I have to speak up. And he is an obvious fraud. And traitor. He has absolutely ruined the Republican party. Business whiz? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Five bankruptcies from the whiz, the stable genius. Only in his dreams. No way to know what will happen but if he goes down in flames, crying like the wuz that he is, there's a real possibility the Dems will have a lock for a very, very long time. If so, you'll wish you had sold your minerals now. Some of those candidates hate oil/gas. If Biden gets it, I would think he would be more apt to let oil and gas run.

maybe you should actually watch the videos before commenting.  thanks.

Sharon B thank you for sharing. I had already read both of the reports by Steve Hinton. Very informative. For those who question the veracity of the reports, do your research. Did Markey and Shaheen get donations from Burisma Energy ? Did Markey turn around and sponsor the Green New Deal for the US? Did they propose EXPANDING PRODUCTION OF GAS IN UKRAINE when America was abundant with shale gas? All that can be researched. IF these individuals did all that, could that handful of individuals be responsible for the state American shale gas is in now? Think of how many oil and gas people have lost jobs. I had a friend lose her 3rd oil and gas job in 14 months today because business was so slow.  

Hey Hale just who do you think would be the best President and why

Yeah, but you would still have one good foot.  A vote for a republican is shooting yourself in the head.  Game over.

Okay all the never trumpers I do have to say my piece. At least I’m alive to say it-nobody aborted me. I like my borders protected, I disapprove of killing babies, I want my guns, and I think that we have had enough giveaways. We have given ourselves into the poor house. I admit that I don’t know what trump will say next and don’t approve of everything he does and says for sure. Did y’all really want Hillary?  I will vote trump every time the choice is between him and Hillary. I will be voting republican in 2020. So that’s it. All I have to say. 


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