When using Sonris Lite to pull up well information, once the individual well information page is displayed, a click on the serial number on that page will diplay a list of all associated ducuments for viewing

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Nice.  Thanks, James.

That is great info. Thanks

I agree that is quite helpful!  Thanks, James.

Much appreciated, James. That's a big help. 

Thanks for that.

Anyone know, are well survey plats shown on this documents page result? I clicked on about 20 wells or more and never found the first one. Does anyone know a certain well that they know the survey plat is on file and it does or does not show up on that results page? It sure would be nice if it did and I don't know why it wouldn't.

Look at the document types of "WELL PERMIT TO DRILL/AMEND".  There might be several of them.  The plats are usually on the last page.

I did find a unit plat that showed the lateral; appears to be the plat they submit for the permit. I am talking about the unit survey plat or whatever they call it that shows the amount of acres in the unit. They are supposed to file these but often don't. One needs to know the number of acres in your unit so you can make sure your decimal interest is correct. Most sections are not exactly 640 acres, just 'more or less' and often, quite a bit 'more or less.'

I have lobbied the Office of Conservation for a year concerning unit survey plats, not well plats.  The unit survey plat gives the unit acreage, shows all the ownership tracts within the unit, lists their size, the owner and the percentage of the unit that each tract represents.  There is a regulation, not a policy, an official regulatory requirement to turn in to the state a unit survey plat within 90 days of first production.  When I performed the research for Haynesville Shale unit surveys entered in the SONRIS database I found that approximately 850 were missing.  This is a travesty.  The Office of Conservation is supposed to be addressing this but there is little evidence of increased compliance.

I am not a mineral owner in any Haynesville unit so my "standing" is not that of a mineral owner directly impacted by this very serious non-compliance issue.  Lacking an uprising of dissent from mineral owners who are impacted by this situation, I don't expect any significant improvement in compliance.

In the Document Access portion of SONRIS scroll down the alphabetical list on the left until you get to surveys.  You will need to have the four digit field code for your unit.  You can find that in the SONRIS well file.  If you want to see for yourself how many unit surveys are missing, compared the unit survey list for your field with the wells by field.  That's what I did for every single field that has Haynesville Shale production.  It took me most of last December to make the list showing the 850 missing unit surveys.  I shared each of the excel spreadsheets with the Office of Conservation.

Awesome work, Skip. Do you think the unit survey plat is NOT on this results page that the OP mentioned? Do you know of any reason that they could NOT include this on the results page?

Not every document in the Document Access portion of the database appears through the link in the Data Access well file.  It appears to be only those from the Document Access well file (WELL PERMIT TO DRILL/AMEND).  Unit surveys are not contained in the well file.  You must search separately under "Surveys".


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