Additional Pennington Austin Chalk Units - Profit Island and Morganza Fields

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Surprisingly small units for horizontal development.

Organization Id Organization Name
Cnt Well Serial Well Name Well Num Status Class Class Type API Number Org ID Field ID Permit Date Sec-Town-Rng Parish LUW Association
1 224409 17900 TUSC RC SUR;R LACOUR 001 30 17077205330000 P193 6870 14-JUN-00 037-04S-09E 39 GO TO LUW INFO 19300
2 225731 17900 TUSC RA SUT;LABARRE 001 30 17077205400000 P193 6870 06-APR-01 041-04S-09E 39 GO TO LUW INFO 20000
3 226758 17900 TUSC RC SUDD;LICHTENBERG 001 30 17077205460000 P193 6870 30-JAN-02 045-04S-09E 39 GO TO LUW INFO 22500
4 228368 17900 TUSC RC SUCC;LICHTENBERG 002 30 17077205500000 P193 6870 02-JUL-03 045-04S-09E 39 GO TO LUW INFO 21500
5 228905 19100 TUSC RA SUT;BUECHE HEIRS 001 30 17121201890000 P193 7558 01-DEC-03 027-05S-11E 61 GO TO LUW INFO 20500
6 230414 19800 TUSC RA SUC;DELAPASSE 001 33 17077205580000 P193 3799 08-NOV-04 087-06S-11E 39 GO TO LUW INFO 21726
7 230892 19100 TUSC RA SUFF;ROUGON HRS 001 10 17077205590000 P193 7558 18-FEB-05 048-05S-11E 39 GO TO LUW INFO 19789
8 231407 17900 TUSC RC SUU;LABARRE PL 002 30 17077205630000 P193 6870 26-MAY-05 045-04S-09E 39 GO TO LUW INFO 21000
9 232200 19100 TUSC RA SUW;OLIVER 001 30 17121201920000 P193 7558 13-OCT-05 034-05S-11E 61 GO TO LUW INFO 21300
10 232851 17900 TUSC RC SUDD;LICHTENBERG 003-ALT 10 17077205710000 P193 6870 09-FEB-06 045-04S-09E 39 GO TO LUW INFO 22888
11 233271 19100 TUSC RA SUA;CROWN PAPER 001 10 17033202860000 P193 7558 21-APR-06 053-05S-02W 17 GO TO LUW INFO 20892
12 234482 19800 TUSC RA SUB;DORGAN EST 001 33 17121201960000 P193 3799 13-NOV-06 008-06S-11E 61 GO TO LUW INFO 22000
13 238167 U TUSC RA SUL;BOMER BLANKS 001 30 17077205910000 P193 4799 17-JUL-08 009-05S-09E 39 GO TO LUW INFO 22000
14 973125 LABARRE PLANTATION PRTNSHP SWD 001 03 II 5 17077880190000 P193 6870 02-OCT-02 041-04S-09E 39 GO TO LUW INFO
15 973201 ROBERT LACOUR ET AL SWD 001 03 II 5 17077880200000 P193 6870 10-JUL-03 037-04S-09E 39 GO TO LUW INFO
16 973229 T LICHTENBERG ET AL SWD 001 09 II 5 17077880210000 P193 6870 10-FEB-04 045-04S-09E 39 GO TO LUW INFO
17 973297 BUECHE HEIRS SWD 001 03 II 5 17121880060000 P193 7558 23-FEB-05 027-05S-11E 61 GO TO LUW INFO
18 973344 ALMA PLANTATION SWD 001 09 II 5 17077880230000 P193 3799 23-NOV-05 087-06S-11E 39 GO TO LUW INFO
19 973627 SPRINGFIELD PLANTATION LLC ETAL SWD 001 03 II 5 17033880360000 P193 7558 07-JAN-09 053-05S-02W 17 GO TO LUW INFO
20 973952 SPRINGFIELD PLTNT LLC ETAL SWD 001 09 II 5 17033880620000 P193 7558 02-FEB-11 053-05S-02W 17 GO TO LUW INFO

Agree on that - they will be limited to less than 5000' effective laterals. Considering the AC target depth (16,000' to 17,000' TVD), one would think that longer laterals would be desired to optimize their efforts.

These will be interesting to watch.

They are playing off what they saw in the AC in their Tuscaloosa wells that have been drilled in these proposed unit areas. Logs show a thick AC section with a robust Lower AC interval with high resistivity. I figure that they saw some decent hydrocarbon shows in this lower AC section. Probably a very gassy interval considering depth and theoretical thermal maturity.

A plus for Pennington is that they have gas production facilities and pipeline times already in this area due to their deeper Tuscaloosa production.

Thanks for analysis and color, RM.

There is some offset production here suggesting this could be pretty "oily"!

RM - curious to know your thoughts on the Harmon well log section (lithology and high resistivity thickness) vs this area where Pennington is filing these units.

As you said, these will be very interesting to watch.

Sounds to me that Pennington is gonna make entries to the zones from existing Tuscaloosa Trend deep gas wells.  Not so sure that they will do horizontal but more of perforations to see it there is oil present in the Austin Chalk.  Then they may do some short legs.  Labarre and LaCour are just west of Brunsiwick 001 that well stopped at 13,000 not making it into the Austin Chalk at all.  Burnsiwick did have license to go to 17,000 and did not do it.  EOG chickened out on Brunswick  001.

That could be their low cost approach to see how this AC section performs. Without checking the files, I would figure that there is 5.5" casing in these wells with good cement covering the AC section. 

My prediction here would be gas and condensate plus NGL's - not oil. 

Check the files regarding casing by simply clicking on the well serial number in blue.  That takes you to the SONRIS well file.  Clicking again on the serial number in blue there takes you to the well reports in the Document Access portion of SONRIS.

I will try to look at that when I get some down time. Thanks

You're welcome, RM, but I wish to point out that did not post that just for you.  It is a reminder for members that changes to the database operation have made it even easier for the layman to access information.  Those that read you casing comment and are curious can look for themselves.  Kudos to the SONRIS staff.

In the late 1970' to early 1980's a well tested 600 bopd from a vertical well in the AC (primary target was the deep Tuscaloosa. The well name was Jumunville #3 as I remember. Must have encountered a significant fracture. This well is in the Moore-Sams field and appropriately 8 miles NW of the Port Hudson Field. Always thought downdip in this area, and just to the North, may prove interesting if they could drill horizontally at this depth.

Horizontals were drilled at this depth back in the 90's not too far from here, they were just never frac'd but had nice oil production from natural fractures.  I wonder what a vertical well frac'd here would do!?

RH, wow thanks for pointing out the AF Harmon well. I just checked, that unfracked horizontal well produced 270,000 bbls of oil in the first year! Got to figure a fracked vertical in this same area could tap into that a similar fractured formation and produce those types volumes. 


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